Customized topic and trainer selection across various business sectors, encompassing public, private, nonprofit, military, and Native American governments and enterprises

Max Muller & Associates Event Success Partners

Max Muller & Associates Event Success Partners

Making your training program a success is our main goal.

Our utmost priority is to ensure the success of your training program. We understand that there can be uncertainties when it comes to booking professional trainers, business speakers, and convention speakers. That's why we aim to be your trusted partner in making your event an extraordinary success.

By working closely with you, we eliminate the guesswork in selecting the right topics and speakers.

With our extensive knowledge of program content, we can provide tailored recommendations that specifically address your unique needs and help you achieve the desired results.

We invite you to explore our website and take the time to discover how we can best serve you. In addition to our existing offerings, we also provide custom curriculum design to ensure a truly personalized experience for your audience. Additionally, we offer extensive business consulting services

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Native American Interests Section Training and Consulting

  • Tailored Training Programs: Tailored programs specifically designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of Native American tribes and enterprises.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Training is developed with an understanding and respect for Native American culture, traditions, and values, ensuring that it is culturally sensitive and relevant.
  • Tribal Sovereignty Focus: The training recognizes the importance of tribal sovereignty and incorporates it into the curriculum, providing insights on how to navigate legal and governmental frameworks.

Featured Workshops

  • Protecting Native American and Alaska Native Women and Men from Workplace Harassment
  • Customer Service at Tribally Owned Enterprises
  • Excel: Accounting Functions, PivotTables and Power PivotTables
  • Quiet Quitting & Employee Engagement at Native American Governments and Enterprises
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